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Cranbrook School Sixth Form conversion

Sports hall conversion to a new sixth form block

The old sports hall didn’t meet the requirements of modern sports, so the hall was converted into a sixth form centre. The common room social space is on the ground floor and study space on the first floor. Stepped seating was installed outside overlooking the school green. The aim was to make the younger years envious!

A new steel mezzanine floor was installed within the existing structure, with acoustic glazing installed along one edge creating a double height atrium space.

To help control costs, the materials chosen had to work hard. This also reduces the quantities of materials used, leaving elements exposed rather than covering them up.

The underside of the mezzanine floor was left as exposed metal rather than having a conventional ceiling installed over it – just painted to provide fire protection.

Sheeps wool was installed at roof level, supported by timber battens. The wool is a renewable insulation, which improved the thermal performance of the previously uninsulated roof. It also has fantastic acoustic properties, so helps stop reverberation of the pupils voices in the space.

The project was completed whilst working for Clay Architecture.